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All About Health

Talk about Madi Nolan – she is a well known international lecturer in Australia, China, Germany, Greece, England, Switzerland, Holland, Canada and the USA. She has a large practice in Tibetan Medicine both in England and in Washington. Madi also leads special tours each year to China and Tibet. Two of the largest Tibetan monasteries near Lhasa honour Madi and her tour group annually with elaborate initiation rituals. Imagine the sacred pageantry they experience with 700 monks chanting, the deep tones of the 20 ft. trumpets, a dozen Tibetan drums and the spirits of monks from centuries in the past walking through the chapel as swirling ghosts in red robes! Her tour guests say their lives are forever changed! More Information

Satyen Raja about his new book – Living Ecstasy

Satyen Raja, A remarkable living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and of Western practicality, Satyen Raja combines the power of the Warrior and the wisdom of the Sage to inspire audiences worldwide. Satyen is a unique blend of power and of heart. He is a Kung-Fu Master and a trainer of the renowned Illumination Intensive. He has taught thousands of students in Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe the art of ‘true power’.

Art & Creativity in Healing & in Education

Conversation with ANNA KEMBLE, MA, RCC, ADTR, CLMA & JACKIE MINNS, L.I.F.E. about Alchemy Centre the creation of three practitioners and artists or “alchemical artists”, as they call themself. Alchemy is a place we call home. A space for inner reflection and expression. Where community can grow and people can feel supported in their next step in personal development; whether that is beginning a self-inquiry through body-mind counselling, receiving intuitive guidance, taking a workshop or releasing the days stress through a relaxing and rejuvenating dance, yoga or acting class.

Karen Elkins talking about something exciting that is happening in Vancouver.
The 2005 school year witnessed the birth of a new school for gifted learners – a school that is as fresh in its approach as the bright lights that are attending it.