A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart with Joseph Chilton Pearce and Women of Vision & Passion with Laura Mack & Renate Geier

Based on his new book, The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit, Joseph Chilton Pearce has discussed nature’s ‘biological plan’ for human development, a genetically inherent design for open-ended creativity and freedom, and its conflict with our dominator cultural-societal demands for conformity. His well illustrated and documented sequencing brings neuro-science, neuro-cardiology (the “brain” in the heart), the evolutionary nature of our fourfold brain and the sequential or “stage-specific” development of those inherent structures from birth (as outlined by Rudolph Steiner, Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, and others), to life. We will explore how nature’s plan can be preserved and developed in a child in the midst of the mounting hostility, chaos, confusion and danger present in today’s dominator world. Particular attention will be paid to the “model imperative” by which all development unfolds and how, given appropriate models, negative cultural effects, no matter their power and profusion, need not block and thwart an individual child’s spiritual-creative unfolding.

Inner Resonance Technologies & Course In Miracles

onversation with Maureen Edwardson who developed Inner Resonance Technologies over a fifteen year period, traveling internationally, sharing with the Russian doctors of the Medical Research Institutes in Siberia, the traditional shamans of the Republic of Altai, healing centres in Norway and Sweden, and for three years in the US giving training to various Tribal Schools for the Office of Indian Education Programs, Bureau of Indian Affairs. Inner Resonance Technologies has 7 brief steps that facilitate you in making certain inner agreements that set the conditions to allow your own automatic system to rebalance and harmonize itself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, transforming all parts of your life.

All About Health

Talk about Madi Nolan – she is a well known international lecturer in Australia, China, Germany, Greece, England, Switzerland, Holland, Canada and the USA. She has a large practice in Tibetan Medicine both in England and in Washington. Madi also leads special tours each year to China and Tibet. Two of the largest Tibetan monasteries near Lhasa honour Madi and her tour group annually with elaborate initiation rituals. Imagine the sacred pageantry they experience with 700 monks chanting, the deep tones of the 20 ft. trumpets, a dozen Tibetan drums and the spirits of monks from centuries in the past walking through the chapel as swirling ghosts in red robes! Her tour guests say their lives are forever changed! More Information

Satyen Raja about his new book – Living Ecstasy

Satyen Raja, A remarkable living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and of Western practicality, Satyen Raja combines the power of the Warrior and the wisdom of the Sage to inspire audiences worldwide. Satyen is a unique blend of power and of heart. He is a Kung-Fu Master and a trainer of the renowned Illumination Intensive. He has taught thousands of students in Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe the art of ‘true power’.

Art & Creativity in Healing & in Education

Conversation with ANNA KEMBLE, MA, RCC, ADTR, CLMA & JACKIE MINNS, L.I.F.E. about Alchemy Centre the creation of three practitioners and artists or “alchemical artists”, as they call themself. Alchemy is a place we call home. A space for inner reflection and expression. Where community can grow and people can feel supported in their next step in personal development; whether that is beginning a self-inquiry through body-mind counselling, receiving intuitive guidance, taking a workshop or releasing the days stress through a relaxing and rejuvenating dance, yoga or acting class.

Karen Elkins talking about something exciting that is happening in Vancouver.
The 2005 school year witnessed the birth of a new school for gifted learners – a school that is as fresh in its approach as the bright lights that are attending it.

How To Create or Improve Loving Relationships, talk with Gwen Gnazdowsky & Duane O’Kane

About Gwen – In June of 1995, Gwen ventured out on her own as a Personal, Professional and Relationship Coach providing individual coaching services and designing group seminars. She has facilitated ‘Conflict Resolution for Youth’ at McGill University and -Creating Extraordinary Personal Relationships’ at the Montreal YWCA. She continues to enjoy an ever-growing client roster. Most recently, Gwen’s experience has included a foray into in film & TV. This includes coaching people in the industry, being part of the production team for Shaw’s Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer and Coaching for the Women in Film & Video Vancouver, Flash Forward Program. Gwen is developing a television series about Coaching. Gwen’s background is in Social Work with over 20 years of experience serving community groups, people in crisis, youth at risk and their families. She has a Diploma in Social Services from Mount Royal College (Calgary) and is a Certified Life Skills Coach through Grant McEwen Community College (Edmonton). Her career has taken her from working at a Distress and Drug Treatment Centre to the Calgary Sexual Assault Centre and to her role as Relief Supervisor at the Calgary Children’s Service Centre. Her roles also included working at a Shelter for Abused Children, a Juvenile Detention Facility and a Halfway House for Alcoholic Women.

Free The Heart with David Jones & Creating the Work You Love with Rick Jarow & Living Vision with Kathy & Paul Scott

What do you do and why? How do we answer that question? Today we learn to open doorways of inspiration, to put desires into action, to create and receive support for our visions, and to be inspired and motivated to create the work we love. Throughout the day we work with a meditative format that combines internal exercises (based around the chakra system) with particular issues central to establishing our vocation in the world. Beginning with an exploration of abundance versus scarcity and then moving to connect with our deeply felt passions and convictions, we learn to uncover our true priorities, to focus them, and to align them with the full force of our being.

How To Use Creativity To Change Your Life

Dani Marie Martin – she is a trained and practicing spiritual co-creative healer and teacher. For the past fifteen years she has been studying and working with the human energy field and has co-practiced with a psychotherapist in healing clients in a naturopathic environment. She was trained in the method of Hawaiian Energy Healing that involves the practice of utilizing Divine universal energy to repair and return the body to its natural state of well-being. Ms. Martin has also studied at the Spiritual Institute of Co-Creative Healers where she led meditation groups and healings for clients on an on-going basis. Ms. Martin’s training background also includes extensive study in Chi/Ki Energy work, Chakra balancing, methods of Native American Shamans and Oriental Body Diagnosis.

Why & How to Meditate with Dr. Lee Pulos, Chantal Jolly & Tasha Simms

Dr. Lee Pulos is a clinical psychologist who earned his undergraduate degree at U.C.L.A. and his Doctorate in Psychology at the University of Denver. Upon graduation he held a clinical appointment at Indiana University Medical School and was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin. Lee has been awarded a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) and is currently Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia (UBC). In 1970, Lee launched his career as a business man and entrepreneur. He and his brothers started The Old Spaghetti Factory chain – a venture that prospered to become a 23 million dollar a year, 22 location operations in Canada, the United States and Australia. Lee served as the Chief Operating Officer before selling it to The Keg restaurant chain in 1980. Lee traveled and researched cross-cultural tradition healing practices in Brazil, West Africa, India, the Philippines and Mexico and has blended his experience with the western model of mind / body healing.

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