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SP pic (1)Sonali L Perera who is born and raised in Brampton Ontario, traveled and lived in a few placed like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, before settling down in Vancouver BC.  She inspired to turn personal obstacles into opportunities of epic personal growth.  She is HeartCore Serial Entrepreneur who left her corporate job to follow her dreams of empowering people around the world to embrace their gifts and awaken their inner power.  Sonali is the Founder of Inner Power Events and she has been stirring quite the talk in town lately with her event called The Awakened Man, because she is a female who is creating a platform that supports and empowers men to connect with high performing healthy mentors, have real conversations and awaken your greatness.

Sonali created The Awakened Man to help and encourage men to find balance in this new feminine energy that’s on the rise, to help them merge into the mighty masculine strength that can now operate from a more conscious, compassionate and authentic space.  Sonali believes that having events like The Awakened Man and soon The Awakened Woman creates an exciting path for Men and Women to learn how to better co-create next level ventures and relationships for a more sustainable world.


She also is the Creator of Hungry Hearts, a non-profit fund that focuses on bringing our local communities together by feeding the Heart of downtown Eastside homeless.  Her long term vision is to set up Hungry Hearts Teams in every city across North America. She continues on a magnificent journey to provide a place of healing and inspiration for participants of her wonderful events in Vancouver. Sonali Perera is Otherly. Because It Matters.


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