Become Who You Were Meant To Be: Introduction To The SoulFullHeart Way of Life

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Wayne and Jillian Vriend are co-creators of the SoulFullHeart way of life, SoulFullHeart co-facilitators, SoulFullHeart energy healers, and writers. SoulFullHeart is the result of 10+ years of dedication to emotional and spiritual healing, service with others, and our own growth. We have been married since March, 2009 and much of what we offer and advocate for in the SoulFullHeart way of life comes from our daily experience of the catalytic growth that comes from being in an alive, arising in the moment, and soulful bond with each other. SoulFullHeart offers a way of life in which intimacy with parts of yourself, with others in nourishing relationships, and with the Divine allows for deep emotional and spiritual healing to become who you were meant to be.

Wayne is passionate about and has a deep interest in serving men to embody their vulnerable king-ness through SoulFullHeart Man, photography, hiking and being outdoors, holistic health and exercise, carpentry and painting, and working with pendulums, tarot, and animal totems to create a communication with Divine guidance. Jillian’s joy and passions are about serving women to embody the sacred female frequencies of the Divine Mother, vegetarian cooking and eating, strength and core building exercise for women, energy healing, connecting with soul guardians and angels, graphic and website design, independent movies and documentaries, reading, and music.You can read more about them here.

​SoulFullHeart offers that in our essence we hold the seed of our sacred humanity or our SoulFullHeart Self just waiting to bloom, but there are many aspects or subpersonalities and a false self inside of us doing life as us instead of expressing ourselves authentically. These subpersonalities formed when we experienced traumas from this life and past lives that we weren’t able to digest through with an emotionally porous caregiver (to the degree they hadn’t been felt by their caregivers) and so the trauma becomes stuck as a ‘part’ or subpersonality inside of us. Our false self forms, with help from our Daemon or soul guardian, in response to our cultural and social environment rather than organically arising from the seat of our SoulFullHeart or sacred human self.

During affordable and ongoing individual, couples, energy, and monthly group weekend sessions with a SFH Facilitator either in person or over the phone, your parts , false self, and Daemon come up to be felt, loved, and talk with you and your SFH facilitator. In between sessions, you’ll engage in regular journaling and verbal dialogue with your parts to build trust and love with them. Through getting to know these aspects of yourself, intimacy with others and with the Divine, the loving, emotionally connected and energetically centered version of you -your SFH self- grows organically and your parts become unstuck and their authentic essence integrates into your personality.

We offer that SoulFullHeart is not a therapy or spiritual practice, but actually a way of experiencing life. The you that grows through the process is meant to flow into all areas of your life: your relationships, your career, your connection with the Divine, etc. Embracing SoulFullHeart as a way of life creates radical changes in all these areas that does allow for deep transformation, yet can also be scary to parts of us, which is why it is navigated at a rate and pace that you and your parts can bear and with the support of your SFH Facilitator and others engaged in the process. Please visit for more information.

Upcoming Events:

Introduction To The SoulFullHeart Way Of Life
Introduction to the SoulFullHeart Way of Life includes discussing and answering the following commonly asked questions:
*What is SoulFullHeart?
* What is a ‘part’ and how do they form?
* What is a Daemon or soul guardian and how do I connect with him?
* How does the SoulFullHeart process work?
*What happens during individual/couples/and group weekend sessions? What is the structure and cost of sessions?
*What is your background and experience as facilitators and seekers?
*How is SoulFullHeart different from other therapies and spiritual practices?
*What results could I potentially experience from embracing the SoulFullHeart way of life?

Also, a current SoulFullHeart facilitant will share their experience of the process and you’ll have the opportunity, if there is time, to share your responses to the following questions:

At the end of my life, my biggest fear is that I would feel…….
One of the things I desire the most is….
If there is something I feel despair over in my life, it is….
My reason/soul purpose for being here has something to do with…..
I”m at my best when…
My best qualities are…

Upcoming Intro Talks:

In North Vancouver:

Sunday, April 7 at 2:00pm

Contact SFH to Attend at

In Britannia Beach-Squamish:

Saturday, March 23rd at 1:00pm OR

Saturday, April 20th at 1:00pm

Where: The Healing Room At Earthly Crystals and Gifts ​ 

101 Copper Drive,  Britannia Beach, BC

Drop Ins Welcome 

In Gibsons-Sunshine Coast:

Saturday, April 13th at 2:00pm

Sunday, May 19th at 2:00pm

Headlands Road, Gibsons, BC

Contact SFH To Attend at

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