Carson Kivari – The Road Back Home~ Helping Men to Thrive.

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ckCarson Kivari (MA RCC) is co-founder of Thrive Consulting ( – Vancouver’s only centre dedicated to men’s trauma and recovery. Carson’s passion for working with men and returning military veterans helped him to secure research grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Movember Canada to support his publications in the American Journal of Men’s Health and the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy as well as a recent film production.

Currently, Carson helps men and soldiers ‘come back home’ through neuroscience guided individual and group healing while supervising University of British Columbia counselling interns. He also delivers workshops for educational facilities, professional organizations and hospitals.  In addition to his role with Thrive Consulting, Carson is a clinician and the clinical coordinator for the Veterans Transition Network ( – a charity he runs with friends and colleagues from downtown Vancouver.

“Aloneness with unbearable feelings not only hurts, but creates lasting changes to midbrain structures that give us the feeling of not being good enough, or of always expecting danger. This work I do is a gift for me because I get to see the colour come back into men’s faces as they befriend the emotions that bring them home to themselves, to others and ultimately to the Divine.” -Carson Kivari 

If you would like to connect with Carson, you can find him here:

Thrive Consulting Office: 604-227-0297 / /
518-470 Granville Street, Vancouver BC, V6C 1V4


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