Conduit: A Love Story Before, During, & After Life – Jonni Gray

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Jonni_Gray1JONNI GRAY, PHD, is a doctor of transpersonal psychology, a past life regression therapist, meditation channeller, and author. For more than two decades she has worked with tens of thousands of individuals and groups, helping them to realize their whole self by consistently building an authentic relationship with their soul.

Known internationally as an expert in states of expanded consciousness, Jonni Gray lectures, trains, presents programs, eCourses, and memberships – virtually – to students all over the world. A contemporary spiritual teacher, she presents topics that are always based on the current energy of the times we live in, often taken directly from the 6 o’clock news. “No topic is too strange or taboo to be understood from the expanded perspective of the Greater Reality”, says Jonni Gray. “It all connects, and reflects.”

In 1996 a woman named Cheryl walked into Jonni Gray’s office. Through aligned meditation, they discovered that their combined energies chose to incarnate with a promise and commitment to bring through a connection to the loving & powerful energy of a divine group of non-physical beings known as Sage Council. They continue to access and share these spiritual channellings in their separate, and combined work, with clients and through channelled meditations.

In 2012, Jonni Gray’s twenty-two year old, one and only child, Connor, suddenly transitioned from physical to non-physical, from mortal to immortal, and she knew her deeply personal, life-changing story of challenge and expansion was meant to be shared with others. Conduit: A Love Story Before, During, & After Life is the true story of life, death, the afterlife, and soul-to-soul love. In Jonni Gray’s words, “Life appears to be a great mystery, but at its core, it’s really the greatest love story”.

When the greater experiences integrated into the next level of Jonni Gray’s soul-based practical work, she found her abilities to connect with non-physical beings deepen and expand beyond anything she had ever known.
Jonni Gray’s channelled meditations are available through her online store, and in her ongoing meditation memberships and soul mentorship programs. Her co-channelled Sage Council messages appear in The Sedona Journal and on the Sage Council website. Her writings as a contributor for Huffington Post, as a Platinum Level Expert Author for Ezine Articles, a senior contributor for Vitality Link, and writer of other online publications, keeps her featured widely in print and online venues.

More information: (Conduit: A Love Story Before, During, & After Life) (Channelled Messages through Cheryl and Jonni) (Sessions, Memberships, and Programs)

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