How to Jump Start Your Own Self-Healing Power! – May Chu

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May_ChuMay Chu is the founder of Menora Way and an Inner Wisdom Guide. She specializes in connecting people with their inner wisdom to find answers pertaining to self-healing, financial abundance, and love.With her past experiences as a Registered Nurse, a Spiritual Regressionist, and a successful entrepreneur (She co-founded local software Startup — In her own healing journey she overcame many of her own personal challenges to create financial freedom, optimum health, and a loving family. May has assisted people all around the world to finding the root cause of their health challenges and achieving miraculous results.



Free Webcast on Thursday, May 14, 2015 @ 1pm Pacific.>
On the 90 minute Free Webcast, participants will:
  • Learn the top 3 causes of most health challenges
  • Discover the possible cause of their health issues.>
  • Find out what they can do to resolve their health issues.
  • Experience an exercise that will help them to connect with their own inner wisdom.
  • Attain a profound sense of inner peace.

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