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Brodie-WhitneyBrodie Whitney is a Master Coach, podcaster (on iTunes and Stitcher) and founder of Facing Dragons Quest (www.facingdragons.com).

Brodie sees life as the ultimate quest. He sees the challenges we face as our personal opportunities for growth, gifts and greatness. His ability to guide people to turn their darkest obstacles into opportunities makes Brodie one of the most sought-after transformational and peak performance coaches on the planet today.

Brodie’s passion and unique skill set has him leading the charge in the rapidly expanding field of real-life gaming; aka Alternate Reality Gaming. Facing Dragons Quest launched in 2016 and is the only online quest to help you unlock your purpose and greatness through a series of real-life missions. Brodie is gamifying personal development, using game design and game psychology to engage people in a transformative, interactive and meaningful experience. Join the next Facing Dragons Quest October 2, 2016.

Here is a video of Facing Dragons Quest

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