Waking up with NLP – Kevin Eftekhari

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Raymond Chou PhotographerWaking up with NLP

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.  It is a hybrid blend of hypnosis and computer programming for the mind.  Before Kevin learned how to use NLP, he had a fixed mindset that everything he believed about himself and reality was real.  After years of running his mind through the NLP strategies with different states of consciousness, reality became more fluid and he learned to shape his experience of life by mastering his state of being.  Join Kevin Eftekhari as he shares how he uses NLP for his spiritual awakening.

Kevin Eftekhari is an Artist, Alchemist and Illumination Coach, who guides his clients to access and live in their Higher Power. His coaching journey started when he became a certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming in 2008, and over time his NLP Coaching skills have blended with his deepest gifts as an Illuminator of consciousness.

Known as a Jedi Master of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and Shamanic Healer, Kevin’s presence illuminates old souls to re-member who they really are. As an intuitive and conscious entrepreneur coach, he helps his clients to access their full power, live their highest purpose and offer their deepest gifts to the world. www.kevineftekhari.com

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