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Have you ever wondered what you are here for? How do you define ‘success’, and what matters in life? Popular culture would have us believe that freedom from responsibility equals happiness. To some extent all of us have bought into the idea that we would be happier with fewer commitments and responsibilities but more possessions. We are programmed to equate happiness with what we have accumulated, our ‘purpose’ with career and status. This is the consciousness that is contributing not only to our unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life, but also to the downfall of our planet. It is the small, many decisions we make on a daily basis that influence both our direction in life and our experience of it. When we are unhappy, it is because we are choosing to pursue something that is not in alignment with who we truly are. Revealing and healing these unconscious choices unlocks the door to happiness, satisfaction and freedom.

Catherine O'KaneCatherine O’Kane – Co-creator and Senior Clinical Director of Clearmind International Institute

Catherine O’Kane is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, teacher, workshop facilitator and a gifted public speaker with Clearmind International. She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, and has been a practicing therapist since 1992.

Catherine was first introduced to A Course in Miracles in 1991, but it was a near death experience in 1994 that awakened her to the reality of the spiritual consciousness that forms the fabric of life. This mystical experience dramatically impacted her view of her own existence, and fundamentally influenced her view on the human psyche and relationships. Catherine is committed to assisting others to tap into that same Loving Mind that ACIM and many other spiritual disciplines describe, because it is from this foundation that true transformation emerges. Catherine first discovered Clearmind in 1996, and is recognized today as co-founder of the company and co-creator of its programs with Duane.

Email: catherine@clearmind.com

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