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Conversation with Maureen Edwardson who developed Inner Resonance Technologies over a fifteen year period, traveling internationally, sharing with the Russian doctors of the Medical Research Institutes in Siberia, the traditional shamans of the Republic of Altai, healing centres in Norway and Sweden, and for three years in the US giving training to various Tribal Schools for the Office of Indian Education Programs, Bureau of Indian Affairs. Inner Resonance Technologies has 7 brief steps that facilitate you in making certain inner agreements that set the conditions to allow your own automatic system to rebalance and harmonize itself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, transforming all parts of your life. More info –

Susan Hunt talking about ‘A Course in Miracles’. She has been reading, studing and teaching ACIM since 1984. Sue created GARDEN OF MIRACLES THAT OFFERS COURSE COMMUNITY GATHERINGS, CIRCLES, MEETINGS, STUDY GROUPS, SOCIALS AND FREE WORKSHOPS. Sharing and participating in the Garden of Miracles Course Community, is an opportunity and experience. An opportunity to know Oneness with others and experience Oneness with God.


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