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Rev. Mahara Brenna is a Master Rebirther with 30 years teaching Holistic Rebirthing throughout Canada, U.S.A., Europe and Australia. At the age of 23, Mahara healed a lifetime of epilepsy through this powerful healing modality.
She is also a Holistic Health Educator, Mediator, Community Builder, Performer and Speaker. She has been leading community building on campuses for the past 25 years and designs and facilitates special events for the upliftment and unification of our Family of Humankind.

Mahara is known as a “Mid-Wife of the Soul”, a “Planetary Change-Agent” and has been teaching workshops on reclaiming the Divine Feminine since the 80’s. As a Priestess, Mahara is often invited to open events with sacred ceremony, and as a Licensed Minister, Mahara performs specially designed marriages and memorial services. She is proudly one of the founding members of the Akasha Mystery School & The Radiant Rose Academy.

Her work is an integration of Psychology, A Course In Miracles, Shamanism, and the Ancient & Living Teachings of the Ascended Masters.
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RECLAIMING THE LOST POWER! – Experiencial Workshop

The 20 Principals of the Divine Feminine with International Speaker and Master Rebirther – Mahara Brenna! 
Tuesday, November 17th, 7:00 pm
Unity of Vancouver, 5840 Oak Street

Join Mahara Brenna for an extraordinary experiential evening, where we will: – Explore the great power of The Divine Feminine and how it is all woven together. – Define the missing links and what we have really been in search of. – Unravel the origins and source of separation and the miracle of the Divine Plan. – Integrate the teachings with gentle breathing. – End with a meditation into the heart of the Holy Mother.

Go to to register.  Only $20 per person

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