How to use Motion to Create Positive Emotions and Become Even Better, Stronger and Sexier! – with Francarlos Leon

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Join Tasha and Andrew this coming Wednesday Nov. 22, 2017 as  they speak with Francarlos Leon about his passion for health and fitness and his revolutionary  – BeLive Fitness Programs which show you how to use motion to create positive emotions and become better, stronger, and, of  course….who doesn’t want to be sexier!!


Who is Francarlos?

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Francarlos, at the age of 12 Francarlos decided to join the Military academy for his high school education. In the next five years of his life he experienced military training and intensive boot-camp drills where he was pushed to his physical and mental limits. After graduating with honors as the captain of the academy soccer team, he decide to travel to Europe with the purpose of experiencing different cultures, learning English and becoming a professional chef.

Francarlos has traveled the world cooking in some of the best restaurants in countries such as England, France, Italy, Peru, Venezuela, Canada and Spain. In Spain he had the opportunity to work for the prestigious 3 Star Michelin Restaurant, under Martin Berasategui.

After ten successful years of being an International Chef, Francarlos decided to get back to his roots and follow his passion for fitness, sports and physical activity. His first step towards the big career change was to join the well-known fitness school, INFOFIT, in Vancouver, Canada. After completing his group fitness instructor certification he started working at one of the best fitness facilities in Vancouver, the YMCA. His first classes at the YMCA, plyometric’s and boot-camp, started with an attendance of 12-20 people per class. Today his classes have reached maximum capacity of the YMCA gymnasium, with 120 people every single week! with that success Francarlos realized that there was more for him to explore and to offer in the fitness industry, so he decided to become a fitness coach to help people create a healthy life style through his body and lifestyle transformation programs and his BeLive Fitness events.

BeLive Fitness is a fitness movement focused on bringing people together and building strong communities through a very unique Fitness experience.

The intention is to create an amazing experience that makes exercising Fun, Exciting  and Motivating, for people to get Better Stronger Healthier Younger Happier and Sexier., All this is brought together in a night club atmosphere where we use an amazing and powerful sounds system, empowering affirmations, stimulating visuals and lights for people to connect and to experience Fitness like never before, leaving happy, uplifted and motivated.

BeLive Fitness has as a goal to plant the seed that exercising is a way to love yourself, that by exercising you can create a fit, healthy and happy version or yourself to show up in life and conquer your own personal goals.

The events are two hours in total with a 60 minute body weight workout, we have sponsors like Active Body Nutrition providing post workout drinks and great deals in healthy supplements for all the participants.

You have to experience this!!!

Francarlos Leon, BeLive’s vibrant facilitator will lead you to into a unique experience at the next BELIVE event December 7th, 2017  from 6-8 pm at Venue Night club on Granville St, Vancouver.


Facebook:  BeLive Fitness Vancouver 

This trend is growing in cities like New York, London, L.A, San Francisco etc  and BeLive Fitness is the only Fitness Experience in a Night club in Vancouver.following the steps of companies like  Day Breaker,  Strong Zumba and others.

About Your Host

Tasha SimmsTasha Simms M.A. M.P.C.A
Tasha is a Registered Professional Counsellor and holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. Her private practice is in downtown Vancouver where she works with both couples and individuals. 
Tasha loves designing and facilitating personal growth workshops for diverse groups and businesses. She weaves her skills as a working actor, writer and motivational speaker with her creative, body centered therapeutic approach to teach passionate expression and acceptance of the Authentic Self. Her focus on healthy communication and conscious leadership inspires individuals, couples and organizations to be the best they can be and flourish.
Trained in a variety of disciplines including Family Systems Theory, Gestalt, as well as cognitive and Psycho/Spiritual orientations, she has been practicing the principles of A Course in Miracles for over 20 years. She is known as a mentor with integrity who has taught many individuals as well as counsellors, locally and internationally to embrace their birthright of a life of passionate purpose, joyfully human yet in perfect alignment with their spirit.      As a certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programming facilitator trained in body work, energy healing and hypnotherapy, her contribution to support this integration is an audio series called Body Awareness Training.
The training includes a sensory meditation designed to wake up feelings in the body, encourage self –knowledge and acceptance and also to invite a deep experience of the Divine Essence that is at the core of us all. Tasha’s curiosity, compassion and juicy celebration of life are just some of the gifts she brings to her commitment to be of service.
Her history in radio makes co-hosting at Conscious Living Radio feel like coming home. Tasha was one of the first female DJ’s on-air in Canada in the mid-day spot in rock n roll radio at Q-107 FM Toronto.  Email: Tasha @  Email: Tasha @

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