Effects of Digital Media on our Brains – Dr. Mari K. Swingle


Many of the social and emotional effects of excessive applications of digital media, otherwise known as i-technologies, or simply i-tech, have been duly noted in the popular press and professional peer reviewed journals alike. Associations with depression, anxiety, and the obsessive compulsive spectrum are pervasive, as is the perspective that other disorders have found a home or expression in excessive i-
technology usage.

Dr. Mari K. Swingle or Dr. Mari as she tends to be referred to, is recognized as a known expert on the effects of i-technology (screen based devices) on the brain and behavior.  In interviews, she has been referred to as the ‘Dear Abby’ of i-tech for her extensive practical knowledge. You will find over 20 years of observation, research and practice explored in her new book i-Minds (New Society Press) for which she has received numerous accolades as well as a 2015 Federation of Associations in Brain and Behavioral Sciences Foundation (FABBS) Early Career Impact Award for exceptional work in the first 10 years post PhD, and the research presented in i-Minds

Dr. Mari has extensive experience from both the worlds of Education and Clinical Psychology. Prior to the founding of Swingle Clinic (1997), Dr. Mari worked extensively in Curriculum Development, Language Acquisition, and the exploration of learning modalities to enhance accelerated as well as remedial learning. In the early 2000’s Dr. Mari crossed over fully to clinical work, focusing on the role of neurophysiology in learning, generalized well-being and mental health. Currently Dr. Mari works with a wide range of neurophysiological ailments; her specialties lie in Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(s), Addiction and non-clinical Peak Performance.  She is further well known for her work with children and families experiencing behavioral and learning difficulties including but not limited to, Defiance and Conduct Disorders, ADHD, Dyslexia, Processing, Written Output, Speech and Auditory Disorders.

Mari K. Swingle, PhD, is a Board-Certified Neurotherapist (2000), Fellow (2010). She has Level Two Certification in EMDR, EFT, Level One Craniosacral Therapy, and practices under RCC Designation. Dr. Mari speaks regularly on the topic of technology, societal shifts, and mental health.

To connect with Dr. Mari, visit her website at swingleclinic.com or join her this Friday Nov.25th  at the Screening of Werner Herzog’s new film Lo and Behold where they will be examining the Internet and its dramatic transformation of society and human interaction for the White Rock Social Justice Film Society.