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Krista_NovakowskiKrista Novakowski lives her life in devotion to the Revelation of the Great Mystery. She has been dedicated to the path of exploration over the last 15 years seeking teachers of Yoga, Meditation, Ritual, Tantra, Feminine Arts and Healing. She is certified Agama Yoga teacher, Hridaya Yoga and Meditation teacher as well as an Integrated Energy Healer.

She is passionate about life and resonates deeply with the limitless path of Tantra. She is fascinated with the many avenues including Yoga, Mantra, Ritual, Yagna, Yantra as well as the Intimate Sexual Practices.

Through her journey she has discovered Sexual Energy to be our greatest natural resource. Being very aware that much of the world is living with a sexual reality causing them shame, guilt and misunderstanding she is happy to accept the great gift that our Sexuality offers us, use it as a pathway for transformation and is determined to help others to break through these limiting patterns in their sexual lives.
She is enchanted by the potential of the alchemy of subtle energy and Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

After spending about ten years living in Asia she has now settled back in Vancouver and continues with the winters spent in India on the path to Awaken Love. She is thankful to continue her studies there with Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar and Sri Prem Baba.
In Vancouver she co-runs the Agama Yoga Vancouver Branch, Facilitates Tantra Workshops, holds various Rituals including Rites of Passage and is excited to be organizing the Heart of Tantra Festival this summer.


Heart of Tantra FestivalJuly 4th, 5th and 6th starting 6.30pm and finishing 6.30pm
Paradise Valley, Squamish, B.C.

Heart of Tantra is a Festival created to offer a glimpse into the world of Tantra. The intention is to create a playful, loving, safe and inspiring environment for people to connect and ignite the Tantric community. It is a chance for people to move beyond their previous limitations and expand in a field of Love.

We have presenters representing various faces of Tantra including Taoist, Buddhist, Traditional Indian, Kaulist, Osho and more. It is important to put various pathways our there so people have a chance to feel in which direction they may resonate.

The offerings will include traditional Tantric Yoga, QiGong, Dance, Fire Ceremony, Kirtan, Ritual, Ceremonial Dance performance and Workshops of all kinds within the Tantric Realm.

We would like the weekend to encourage a group acceptance and celebration of our Sexual nature as well as deeper understanding of how to sanctify our Sexual energies.

Tickets available on website HeartofTantraFestival.com   and  AgamaYoga.ca

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