How to Increase your Energy, Productivity & Sex-Drive – Carmen Dunn

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Libido a thing of the past? Learn about the foods and lifestyle habits that could be damaging your body and setting you up for more serious health issues that your doctor doesn’t know about.

CarmenDunnCarmen Dunn is an Orthomolecular Nutritionist who supports busy professionals & entrepreneurs who feel burnt out, exhausted and overwhelmed by helping them regain their energy, productivity and sex-drive.

Common issues she sees in her practice are exhaustion, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, coffee-dependency, digestive issues and frequent colds & flus.

Carmen gets clients results in her GET IT UP program by getting to the root cause of the problems and fixing them with nutrition and mindset changes so they don’t return. Whether you need more energy to make more money, play with your kids or have fun with your friends after work, Carmen is here to support you.

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