The Magic and Ritual Use of Cannabis – Chris Bennett

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Chris-Bennett-sm-261x300Chris Bennett has been researching the history of cannabis for 25 years, with a particular focus on its role in magic and religion.

He has authored and co-authored 3 books on the subject, Green Gold the Tree of Life Marijuana in Magic and religion (1995); Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible (2001); and Cannabis and the Soma Solution (2010), as well as dozens of published articles on this area of research.

He currently resides in Vancouver where he runs his ethnobotanical shop The Urban Shaman which provides some of the rarer plants known to shamanism, as well as natural relaxants and stimulants.

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Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2014

Friday, October 24 – Sunday, October 26
UBC, Vancouver

spirit-plant-medicine-conf_pic_wIn this period of rapid change, the call to individual and collective awakening is clear.  It is  beyond coincidence that the use of visionary/healing/awakening plants such as ayahuasca, psilocybe mushrooms, iboga, peyote, cannabis, and others is spreading rapidly at this time. When encountered in the best of conditions, these plants may be the most effective teachers we have now direct conduits to the deepest, most enlightening truths.Our intention with this third annual Spirit Plant Medicine Conference is to offer accurate, respectful, and most of all beneficial information
and inspiration on the use of and larger context around such plants. It is an intention arising from a vision and a prayer carried in the hearts of many. To that end we have assembled an exceptional group of knowledgeable, engaging, and heartfelt speakers to share their wisdom. You are warmly invited to join us for a remarkable weekend of insight, inspiration, compassion,
and yes, humour.
Full Weekend Tickets on sale NOW!!!!Price starting from only $222 (ONLY Few tickets left)
Regular Price $288

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