SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE!! – Linda Christensen, PhD

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SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE!! By Linda Christensen, PhD

Don’t let the economy dampen your future! You have the power to create your
life as you imagine—irregardless of the economic meltdown. This is the whole problem in life, time and again…we let the external world and forces dictate, dominate and direct our inner being. We give our power away and we lose a part of our soul. Be a possibility thinker! Turn on the creative juice and be a visionary! Get your life on track and in line with who you all are and what you can do to realize your destiny.


In this workshop you will:
–stop betraying yourself
–reclaim your spirit
–start saying “Yes!” to Life
–know your purpose and commit to it
–go forth in power living from love, not fear

When you reconnect to your core self you reconnect with your passion and can start to discover your purpose.
When your being is in passion and your doing is on purpose you then are living in power.

Lecture Sat. Feb. 28, 2009, 10 am to 4 pm

Unity of Vancouver 5840 Oak Street

This workshop will be experiential, involving various exercises of journaling and meditation so bring your pens and journal!  More Info

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