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Jay_Fiset1Jay Fiset –

Best selling author, Mastermind Mentor, student of human nature, avid outdoors-man at 5 star hotels, speaks fluent smart ass, can see and reflect your life mission in 5 minutes flat, loves having 2 sons so he can play with their toys, still fantasizes about his wife after 25 years, loves ideas, but loves results even more, can simultaneously laugh and cry for different reasons at the same time, has never been star struck (but did not get a chance to meet martin Luther King, and there would have been teenage girl screaming if he had).

He is dedicated to instigating a global movement of Conscious Creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts.

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3 Mistakes Coaches, Consultants & Experts Make When Launching Masterminds

(And How to Avoid them so you can easily add 6 Figures to Your Income)

Friday, May 8th 2015; 7 – 9 PM

Pacific Inn Resort – 1160 King George Hwy

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In this value-packed evening with Jay Fiset, a world leader in mastermind creation and facilitation, you will learn…

• The three biggest challenges with integrating Masterminds into your business and how to handle these challenges so you have both a fun, powerful community building tool and a profit generator.
• Exactly how Jay added $250,000 to his bottom line when he first started using Mastermind Groups and how you can do it too!
• How to easily filter the people you do NOT want in your Mastermind and easily attract who you DO WANT!
• Your NEXT STEPS to successfully integrate powerful and profitable Masterminds into your business.

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